About Alladin.net

Alladin.net is a Real Estate website on the internet managed by Hendyana Asesores S.L. The History of Alladin goes back to 2007 when we began an ambitious project that aimed to build the biggest real estate website the covers all world countries and cities. Thus we had to develop an intelligent application that would be able to translate the ad to any language in a comfortable and easy way for the user and the real estate agents. It should also provide the maximum of data.
Alladin.net offers all Real Estate services and establishments like apartments, villas, chalets offices, commercilas, garages, land, stores and rooms whether it was for sale or rent. We also offer alert service so that our users can receive the las ads in their city or districts.
The site offers also a dashboard to administrate the ads wether insertes by the user or the favorite ones.
All the website services are free for indiviuals and also for companies but with some limits. We also offer packs of subsriptions to add more features at good prices. Our services also include special packs for promoted ads in our website or social media.